The Research Centre for Communication and Culture (CECC) is a challenge-oriented interdisciplinary research centre aimed at enhancing the production of knowledge at the intersection of culture studies and communication sciences.

The Centre is the host of several international projects, namely Culture@Work co-funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union, and is organized in several research lines, including “Media, Technology, Contexts” dedicated to the study of the media and its relation to different technologies in different times and spaces. The phenomenon of convergence has been the focus of attention of several projects produce at CECC, namely “New Dynamics of Audiovisual Consumption” (produced for the Portuguese Media Regulatory body – ERC) and “Convergence in European Newsrooms” (in collaboration with universities in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Spain). Several members of the Centre are also members of the COST Action Evolution of Reading in the age of digitisation (E-READ).

CECC is hosted at Catholic University of Portugal where it has established multiple links with the Doctoral Programmes in Culture Studies and Communication Studies.

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