The European Digital SME Alliance, formerly known as PIN-SME the “the voice of ICT SMEs in Europe”, is the first European association of the ICT sector exclusively focused of representing the interests of SMEs. The members of the European Digital SME Alliance (“DIGITAL SME”) are national sectorial SME associations from different EU countries. DIGITAL SME represents about 20.000 enterprises across Europe. DIGITAL SME is a registered interest representative (ID: 66552321207-56) in the EU.

Since 2013, DIGITAL SMEis involved in the European Commission initiative Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs as part of the secretariat of the Coalition. DIGITAL SME is mandated by its members to represent the interests of ICT SME employers in Europe. Since 2010 DIGITAL SME has undertaken a joint efforts together with UNI Europa ICT, the EU trade union federeation for the ICT sector, in order to establish a European Social Dialogue for the IT sector.

DIGITAL SME is a member of UEAPME, the European association of SMEs representing over 12 Million SMEs across Europe and is the sectoral leading member for ICT related policies. Since 2013 DIGITAL SME’ experts are involved in the Network and Information Security (NIS) Public-Private Platform that feeds into the European Commission recommendations on cybersecurity across the value chain. Position papers on different EU policy matters, such as treatment of IPRs, standards, e-skills and Social Dialogue, are available on the website.

Since 2013, DIGITAL SME is a funding member, leader for ICT, of SBS – Small Business Standards, the European association of SMEs for standardisation recongised under EU Regulation No 1025/2012. DIGITAL SME represents the intersts of European SMEs in ICT standardisation bodies, in particular CEN-CENELECETSI, as well ISO/IEC. DIGITAL SME appointed experts in several standardisation technical commitees covering a wide variety of areas such as e-invoicing, e-skills, e-health, IoT, Cloud Computing, M2M communications and cyber-security. DIGITAL SME also appointed representatives to elected positions such as the Board of ETSI and the Vice-Chairman of the ETSI General Assembly. DIGITAL SME also participates in the EU Multi-Stakelder Platform on ICT Standardisation.

In order to raise SME awareness about standards, DIGITAL SME organises training seminars in collaboration with standards organisations, undertakes SME consultations about standards, develops position papers and maintains a dedicated website specialized on ICT Standards for SMEs. In 2016 DIGITAL SME became a founding member of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), the Public Private Partnership launched by the European Commission with the objective to strengthen the EU’s cyber security industry.

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