Founded in 2007 Mediaframe Ltd is a leading media consultancy specialised in content development, media production and publishing.

Headquarter in Surrey, UK the company manages outsource facilities in Plovdiv and Sofia, Bulgaria for research, design and implementation of media projects. Mediaframe is dedicated to new frontiers in storytelling brought to the world by the new digital technologies. The vision of the directors is to facilitate a world class model for innovative media company, to fulfil the ambition for diversity and inspiration and to bring together a new generation of creative leaders in interactive narrative design, to focus on the opportunities and challenges of content creation, distribution and monetization.

The Company’s mission is to invest in innovative projects working with world-class partners, creating global brands across multiple media channels. Mediaframe is motivated by a deep sense of purpose and endeavour to create an impact for the new media landscape. The organisation invested in research and development of new media products and has achieved industry recognition working with BBC, Channel 4, and Microsoft. The company proved to be capable of managing various projects from small size to large scale budgets using innovative business models for networking and collaboration. With a well-established in-house development team and modern outsource facilities in Eastern Europe the company shaped a competitive profile within its industry. The company directors share a great passion in narrative design and visual development and use interactive technologies and associated digital concepts to explore, push boundaries, and create new forms of innovative narrative.

Mediaframe contributed in story development and preproduction of two features for Universal Studios: “The Tale of Despereaux” and “Harry Potter Team Park” and one new AAA title for MGS “Fable” working in collaboration with partner companies during the period between 2007 and 2009.

Since2010 until 2011 Mediaframe worked with Alsop Architects and Squint Opera in London contributing to the research and development of new methodology for representation of information, visualisation and real time rendering introducing game engines and virtual reality construct for immersive user experiences using real-time simulation for Mubadala Development Company. In 2012 Mediaframe partnered with Microsoft in development of interactive content for cutting-edge simulation platforms.

In 2014 Mediaframe participated in two seminars from Leonardo da Vinci Project New Media Literacy for Media Professionals in partnership with Media 21 (Bulgaria), Skola Comunikacie a Medii (Slovakia), Asociatia pentru Comunicare Vizuala VIDEOVEST (Romania) and Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion Fopsym (Malta). Mediaframe signed a new agreement in collaboration with Media 21 and Skola Comunikacie a Medii for a follow-up project New Media Literacy plus to accomplish the publishing of a book Smart Journalism (Zankova, Skolkay, Franklin, eds.) The publication presents a rich source of information for academic studies in journalism and new media.

In June 2015 Mediaframe participated in the organising sessions for The European Dialogue on Internet Governance “Eurodig 2015” in Sofia delivered presentation on cyber technologies and media production and presented issues in surveillance, security, and safety protection of journalists and explored evolving legal paradigms arising from the media and technological convergence. Providing top level of expertise the company has been invited by academic partners in UK to contribute to knowledge and education delivering media programs, consulting and engaging in research activities. During the period 2010 – 2012 the company worked with Basingstoke College of Technology, Bromley College and Greenwich University developing programs in creative media technologies, 3D design and animation.

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