Media 21 Foundation was founded in 2011 to pursue the following goals: enhancement of freedom and independence of the media including every service and platform serving free communication and pluralism of opinions in the new Internet environment as a free space for exchange of views and ideas; development of media and digital literacy, dialogue, cooperation and understanding in the new digital environment.

Media 21 Foundation possesses capacities for research in the field of media, media regulation, journalism and new communications services from a social and legal perspective. It has a particular focus on public service media and its transformations in the novel digital environment. Due to the various professional backgrounds and linguistic skills its teams can collect and analyze information from a variety of sources on a comparative basis. Experts have experience in researching international documents predominantly EU and Council of Europe documents. It has also proven its ability to prepare, edit and publish articles, books and other materials.

Media 21 Foundation has a potential to make a comprehensive research on the new technological trends and their impact on the media as structure, functions and content, particularly social media.

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