Previous events

Date Venue Name Description More info
June 29-30, 2018 Koper, Slovenia Adria Information Disorder AI Tools 2018 Workshop Information Exchange, presentation and assessment of majority of existing/developing AI systems; Presenting and discussing research and learning methods applied by AI developers and social media researchers by inquiring these tools; PDF


Upcoming events

City/State Date Topic Local organiser
Ljubljana (Slovenia) 6th June 2019 Do we need to regulate social media? Rationales for and viability of regulation of online platforms and social media DATA + JSI
Dublin (Ireland) 31 July – 1 August 2019 (TBC) AVMSD and VSPs, Ireland as key player in coordinating regulation of platforms NUI-INS
Budapest (Hungary) 11th-12th September 2019 The regulatory platforms and their liability Eötvös Loránd University
Riga (Latvia) 3th-4th October 2019 Propaganda/disinformation, multi-lingual media and social media regulation University of Latvia
Brussels (Belgium) October 2019 Assesment of the measures taken to fight misinformation on social media ahead and during the European Parliament 2019 elections EDA
Sofia (Bulgaria) 11-12 November 2019 GDPR and social media: journalists’ access to information and freedom of expression in converged environment
Violence in and through the social media media: Policies, tools, regulation The transposition of the AVMSD and VSPs regulation
Lisbon (Portugal) 20 February 2020 Fake news, social media and journalism Catholic University
Kyiv (Ukraine) 12th March 2020(TBC) Fake news and validation of information in social networks AEI
Aarhus (Denmark) 11th-12th May 2020 Jointly with a national internet festival called “Internet Week Denmark” Fake news and hate speech IT FORUM
Opatija (Croatia) late spring 2020 On hold, in case of need PSD
Munich or Berlin (Germany) 27th-28th June 2020 Final Assessment of Key or Recent Regulatory Issues and Regulatory Solutions SCM + AEI