EventDo we need to regulate social media?

On behalf of the organizing team it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the upcoming Regional symposium on social media regulation titled:

Do we need to regulate social media?

Rationales for and viability of regulation of online platforms and social media

The regional COMPACT seminar is taking place in Ljubljana on 6 June 2019 in the M Hotel, Derčeva ul. 4, https://www.m-hotel.si/. Bringing together representatives of industry, government, civil society, professional associations, research and academia from Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, the event is dedicated to discussing the rationales and possible approaches to regulation of online platforms and social media in the European Union. The seminar will not only focus on classical top down approaches, but will explore the potential of soft policy measures and self-regulation, as well as possibilities for innovative, technology supported methods. The COMPACT project is an EU H2020 coordination and support action aimed at raising awareness of different aspects related to social media and content convergence.

Organized by: DATA d.o.o (main organizer) and Jozef Stefan Institute (co-organizer)

In collaboration with: Slovene Association of Journalists

Participants: COMPACT consortium + Slovenian stakeholders (cca 50)

We envisage the Symposium’s program to be organized along 2 main segments, divided into 2 parts (before and after lunch break):

  1. Problems and implications;
    1. Segment 1: Business and technology
    1. Segment 2: Social aspects and human rights
  2. Solution & approaches.

The symposium will be attended by:

Share your ideas, dilemmas, and views with speakers and others participants. Symposium will be livestreamed via COMPACT Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/compact.media.eu/.

Reading materials:

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